Exit Positioning

There are two things that immediately come to mind as you think about an exit in your business. The first is valuation – what is my business worth and what does each shareholder realize out of the transaction. The second is a decision about how well your business is positioned to achieve your objectives in the exit – does it have the attributes that buyers want, does its performance and do the market conditions support getting you to your valuation number and transaction structure.

Exit Positioning

Ridgfield is unique in that most everyone you work with at our firm has owned and operated a business which they have sold for their own account. We have sat in exactly the same seat as you — evaluating exactly the same factors, and making exactly the same decisions about our companies as you will with yours. Ask anyone else seeking to work with you on the exit of your business if they can make that same claim.

Having owned and sold our own companies and with our background in investment banking, private equity, and SMB transactions, we are in an excellent position to evaluate your company and its readiness for sale. Based on our discussions with you and based on the valuation, we may have recommendations about your company that, if implemented, would increase your market value based on current market conditions.

We frequently find conditions unique to a specific business that are holding down the valuation or making a realization (exit) more challenging. In these circumstances, it makes sense to evaluate the difficulty of making the needed changes, the time required to do so, and the transaction timing you have targeted.

Ridgefield provides consulting services that help you position your business for sale. We are able to make objective recommendations about challenges and opportunities that go straight to company performance and valuation. We go further than that – along with idenitifying these challenges and

opportunities we can work with you – as one operator to another – as you determine what changes you will make in your business and more importantly, how you will make them.  Think of us as an advisor that can efficiently come in and give you practical, value-creating recommendations along with actionable steps to accomplish them.

We would be happy to discuss how we can help you and your team take your business to the next level operationally so it can rise to the next level in its valuation.