Sell-Side M&A Advisory

We have been there, as principles selling our own companies and as advisors helping others. Most people think it is all about price. In a way it is, but “the number” is not everything. Deal structure, incentives, terms, likelihood to close all matter. Sorting through that requires experience. Making the transaction fit the objectives you are trying to achieve is what is important. If price was the only thing, it would be easy.

Additional sell side

we work to bring multiple serious and well aligned buyers to the plate enhancing competition and there by reducing the leverage any one buyer can bring to bear. Our process will yield more options resulting in a higher closer rate at higher values. IE pioneer roofing as a case study. Sold to the same strategic that was the first to the table but our process yielded the same buyer sweetening their deal in both value and terms.

Buy-Side Advisory

Connecting your strategy to a marketplace of opportunities requires determination, consistency and credibility. When we reach out to a business owner we have been there ourselves, on the other end of that call. It is about letting people know how they can achieve their vision by aligning with yours. Plenty of people will call around to buy a business solely on price. The strategy you are executing into deserves better.

Additional Thoughts On Buy Side

One other major benefit of a buy side advisor is the fact that we work hard to find those quality companies not yet on the market and under the radar (industry experience/focus and state of the art tools). We work to limit competition giving our buy side clients the most leverage to negotiate with the specifically curated target (as you describe above). Our fees are easily eclipsed buy savings our process will yield a buyer