29 Jan by Bob Rasch

Top Three Things Private Equity Buyers Value

Most business owners or CEOs have at some point been contacted by someone representing a private equity firm (PE firm) or a company owned by a PE firm, often referred to as a “portfolio company.” They call asking about your business and attempting to gauge interest in a potential transaction. For most average business owners, […]

17 May by Stephen Boane

Processes Drive Margins

Longer article than usual about “managing the machine.”  Hard to shorten it down. Stuff that interconnects, interconnects.  SLB Businesses do not work from a simple formula such as input plus process equals output. There is so much more complexity to any human endeavor and so much more variability. This is why decisions around performance measurement […]

1 Nov by Stephen Boane

When a Business Looks Like a Diamond

People want to buy a business that operates with the precision seen in a beautifully cut diamond. I used to say, “We have created a jewel” when talking about my own business.  What this means is that the business operates like this, in four parts: FOCUSED.  Its operating model is focused, not all things to […]