Buy-Side M&A Advisory

Buy-Side M&A Advisory

Connecting your strategy to a marketplace of opportunities requires determination, consistency and credibility. When we reach out to a business owner we have been there ourselves, on the other end of that call. It is about letting people know how they can achieve their vision by aligning with yours. Plenty of people will call around to buy a business solely on price. The strategy you are executing into deserves better.

Buying a business or executing on an acquisition program means positioning your company and defining the reasons why it all makes sense. Buyers are not only looking for targets but also need to find financing. The message to both constituents is important but the motivations are different between sellers and sources of capital.

For this reason any acquisition or acquisition program has to be well thought out and thoroughly mapped. This goes from the grand strategy, through acquisition criteria, into post-acquisition integration and how all this is paid for. This means there are a lot of conversations going on and they need to be handled well. We are with you, sometimes on your behalf, frequently together, speaking with targets, lenders, investors, whoever needs to be pulled in to make your vision happen.

Perhaps the most important part of the buying process is developing the acquisition criteria and then having the discipline to stick by them. Done right, there will be a lot of activity and a lot of opportunities. Some will look great for any number of reasons but don’t fit the criteria. Sorting through the different businesses with their range of attractiveness is going to determine how well your buy side program does. We have experience here and things like financial modeling, end market fit, integration plans, and how to pay for it all are in our wheelhouse.

If you are considering an acquisition or an acquisition program, let us know. We would like to hear what you want to do and give you our thoughts.

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